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Give me a C, Give me a U, Give me a P, Give me a…Never Mind. CUPCAKES!

My grandparents came over for dinner last night, and while food is generally the centerpiece of many family gatherings, for me, it was the conversation that made it such a meaningful night.  My complete obsession with all things vintage includes … Continue reading

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The Christmas Recap That Wasn’t.

So…guess who forgot her camera at her aunt’s house on Christmas?  Yes, that would be yours truly.  Oy.  So, that means that you’ll have to wait for my Christmas recap- it’ll be a good one.  For a while there, we … Continue reading

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Sometimes I get these weird urges…

First of all, before we talk about my strange urge to bake (I’m extremely dangerous with a mixer and some flour- trust me.), this needs to be said. Dear delightful college wanna-be frat boys behind me on the commuter rail, … Continue reading

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Italian Domestic Diva Strikes Again

Perhaps my Italian great grandmother wouldn’t exactly call me a domestic diva. Anyone who knows me or has been following my blog knows that I am not what one would call a “domestic neat freak.” My broom is actually gathering … Continue reading

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