Caramelized Onion, Pomegranate and Veggie Gyoza

1 medium Spanish onion, diced

Olive oil

8 oz cream cheese (I used all natural, organic locally made- incredibly good)

1 ½ cups finely sliced napa cabbage (I used about a quarter of a medium sized one)

½ cup finely shredded carrot 1 package

Gyoza skins

1 tsp freshly pressed garlic

¼ cup POM wonderful pomegranate juice

1. In a skillet, caramelize the Spanish onions using olive oil, taking care to stir and ensure that the onions do not burn. You can use earth balance or regular butter to help caramelize the onions, as well. Be patient.

2. Add the onions to the cream cheese in a large mixing bowl, set aside

3. In the same pan, throw in the cabbage, carrots, smart ground, garlic, and POM. Cook until the cabbage is wilted and the POM has reduced.

4. Combine all ingredients in the mixing bowl and mix together until well blended

5. On a cutting board or other work surface, lay out the desired amount of gyoza skins (I made 20 and still had approximately a cup of the filling left. I’d estimate you can make approx. thirty. You’ll want to also have a small bowl of water next to you.

6. Place a dollop of the filling in the center of each gyoza skin (remember, these have to be folded and sealed, so you don’t want to use too much or it’ll come bursting out of the seams!

7. Close and seal each gyoza using your finger to very lightly wet the perimeter of one half of the gyoza, creating a sticky surface for folding closed. You have to pinch the closed with your finger. Make sure you seal all the way around.

8. Heat up some olive oil in a pan. You want a generous coating. Wait until the oil is sizzling and drop the gyoza into it. These will cook fast. Be sure to be ready with your tongs. These will burn easily if you do not watch them like a hawk!

9. When you take the gyoza out, be sure to put layer them on paper towels to absorb any oil.

10. Enjoy!


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