Honeytree Organic Agave Nectar

I picked up Organic Honeytree Agave Nectar the other day as I had always wanted to try it, having heard about it in blogland.  I steer far away from artificial sweeteners, and even though I don’t have a sweet tooth aside from the occasional baked good, I do still like things like tea and oatmeal to be a little sweet.  I’d heard from various people about the stuff- some said it wasn’t that sweet, while others told me it was extremely sweet and add it very very carefully to whatever I was sweetening.   This stuff is actually made from the same plant with which tequila is made- and the juice from the agave plant is aptly called “aguamiel”- honey water.  The Aztecs believed that agave was a gift from the gods and used the juice from its core to flavor food and drinks.

Honeytree organic agave nectar is organic, USDA certified and is produced by Honeytree, a company that, for the past 90 years, has specialized in honey.  In the last ten years, they have started branching out with specialty products, including the agave nectar.   The bottle, although sticky off the shelf, is easy pour, although you do NOT want to pour this stuff on.  I got a little on my finger while I was opening the safety tab, licked my finger, and stopped dead in my tracks- HOLY MOLY it is sweet- equivalent to maple candy, which is the sweetest thing I can think of right now!!!  It took a tsp. to sweeten 1 cup of oatmeal with banana and pecan just enough.  It was lightly sweet and delicious, with no chemical taste.  The ingredient list has one thing: agave nectar.  I will definitely continue to buy this- especially since it was a complete bargain at 4.99!

Banana-Pecan Oatmeal lightly sweetened with Agave Nectar


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