I LOVE trying new things and I’m pretty opinionated, in case you haven’t already gleamed that, so I figured for those of you that are interested in my drivel, i’d list my reviews here for you. Who knows? Maybe YOU’LL be inspired to try something new! While many of the products will be food or food related, I may also occasionally review other products (I’m a bit of a cosmetic and body care product fanatic).

I am very selective about offers for free samples and products and would never compromise my integrity or the integrity of this blog by being anything less than completely honest about my thoughts. To abide by FTC guidelines and in the interest of full disclosure, I will always state when a product listed here was given to me for the purpose of reviewing or testing. Please note that anything I say in a review is my honest opinion and anything I write positively about will always be something that I would purchase or continue to purchase for myself!  More often than not, the products I review are simply things that I HAVE bought for myself and wanted to review for my readers.


Honeytree Organic Agave Nectar

Yogitoes Skidless Premium Yoga Towel

Core Fusion Bodysculpt DVD


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