I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want.

Oh, wait.  I’ve already got it.  Luckily, after a weekend of maiming myself, scalding myself and then subsequently poisoning myself and missing a bridesmaid dress fitting, there was nowhere to go but up this week.  And so far, it’s been a really good week.  One of my best friends and her cousin came to visit last night and I laughed so hard my side hurt, which we all know is healthy.  I had LOTS of leftovers to eat for tonight’s dinner.

I’m currently wearing my most comfortable Lucky Brand sweats and i’m surrounded by these:

These were absolutely incredible.

My favorite salad- lettuce not included.

When I realized that I didn’t have to teach class tonight, I moseyed on over to Brookline Gourmet and Fine Wine again, and was super excited to see that they’ve gotten even more inventory since the last time that I was in there.  Lately, i’ve been wanting to learn a little more about wine.  My last venture, withTrader Joe’s organic wine, was a DISASTER, but i’m not one to let  that deter me.

Of course, the minute I stepped in, I was at a loss.  They have wines from all over the world- from Africa to New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, etc.  I walked around for a bit before one of the owners, Carrie Ann, asked if I needed help.  Maybe the look of sheer…stupidity on my face struck her. I shamefully professed my wine idiocy and she asked what I was having for dinner, made a few suggestions and I finally decided on a Pascal Jolivet Pouilly Fume Sauvignon Blanc.

I always feel so ignorant when I try to understand (never mind talk…I met as well be trying to speak Monk or Mandarin)what someone means when they talk about wine, but Carrie Ann didn’t make me feel too moronic.  She explained the qualities of each and how they would go with my dinner, then let me choose which one I wanted. I may not know what “full-bodied” or “character” means, but I think I can tell the difference between a good wine and a bad wine and I must tell you that this was a damn good glass of wine. I’m not sure if it’s the natural fermentation process (they don’t add cultured yeasts to their grape juice), but from start to finish, it was wonderful.

I have no idea what the “proper” words are to describe it, but it was….tangy, in way, and bold.  It was a bit richer than other white wines I have tasted.  Perhaps this is what is meant by full bodied(feel free to correct me in the comments and confirm that I need a wine 101 crash course)? I’ve never been a big wine drinker, but I am adding this to my list of wines that I like.  Nicely done, Carrie! Thank you!  I saw a couple of dessert wines that i’d love to try, but I want plan the perfect dessert for them.  The wheels in my head are turning (yes, that creaking sound is coming from my head.  The cogs are rusty) and i’m thinking something light and melt-in-your-mouth.  I’m open to suggestions.

On another note, I have a confession to make.  I used to be one of those people that was skeptical, at best, about yoga.  I thought it was too slow, granola and not for me.  I have no problem admitting when I am wrong and in this case I was entirely, totally and completely wrong.  Yoga is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.  Slowly, I am learning to listen to my body- to push it to limits and then shatter those limits like I never knew I could.  Most importantly, it’s giving me confidence in my body again.

Every Monday and Saturday I go to Yoga at Life in Synergy and Andree gives me a fantastic workout- on a good day, my body screams and my mind quiets just enough for me to sort through whatever it is that’s on my mind. Perhaps the most important thing that I have learned in the past week is that you have to just practice in the moment.  In one of my first posts about yoga, I said that I was using it to forget.  I placed expectations on my practice and when it didn’t happen, I got frustrated and discouraged.  Baron Baptiste says, “If you fight for your limitations, you only get to keep them.”  In other words, when you become angry with where you are, it only reinforces your limitations and continues the cycle of frustration.  What i’ve learned (thank you, Christie, my dear friend) is that when I became to focused on x, I became obsessed when x didn’t happen, and didn’t stop to realize that I still accomplished and have been accomplishing other things.  You have to accept where you are what you can do.  It is what it is.  You practice in the present moment.

Ok, enough of that.  I’m off to finish a project, watch the rest of this episode and finish my glass of wine (I’m slow.  At drinking wine, thankyouverymuch.).  Tomorrow, I have my first giveaway to post and lots of projects to show you, plus, two new recipes that are MUST TRIES.  Woo hoo!  I’ll leave you with a picture of my fabulous new mug:



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I often think my the right side of my brain dominates- I live to create things. Color is one of the things that brings me great joy and in everything that I do, it is a theme that takes on great aesthetic importance. I am a jewelry designer, metal artist and writer (wanna-be.) During the day I work in an office, and while I like it, I spend my days dreaming about the next thing I want to make. As a result, I am the post-it queen- design ideas are always strewn about my desk, waiting for me to gather them up and take them home at the end of the day. Oh, yeah. I'm also a tremendous slob, which is unfortunate because I love to cook and washing dirty dishes is my least favorite chore to tackle. I'm a healthy food enthusiast and amateur chef. Cooking is a tremendous creative outlet for me- experimentation is my hallmark...whether it's surprising color combinations or flavor combinations.
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6 Responses to I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want.

  1. I was skeptical about yoga before, too, but now I looooove it! And you’re a True Blood fan? OMG, I’ve watched since day 1 and it is my absolute most favorite show!

  2. LOVE the mug, still working on the yoga thing…and cant freaking wait until the new true blood! I found an amazing wine the other day… i’ll send you the name, i think you’ll like it!

  3. abbynormally says:

    Oh my I LOVE that mug!!!!

  4. Wine and crackers would make my heart skip a beat. I don’t understand wine terms either. It’s partly why I haven’t tried reviewing wines on my blog because I don’t talk in, “oh this is smoky with hints of raspberries!” I’m like, “This tastes good, more please.” 😀

  5. Lele says:

    Oooh, I haven’t had a Spice Girls song stuck in my head in over a week! And now it’s back 😀 They are so wonderful.

  6. I love, love, love yoga! I hesitate to try it for so many years – now I can’t get enough!

    And I adore your mug. So cute!!! 😀

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