Moseying Down Memory Lane

I finally had a chance to sit down and revamp the blog!  You like?  I added a new page, and organized my recipes (thus far- I have so many that I still need to add), and gave it a totally different theme.  It almost feels like spring cleaning- everything is organized and it makes me feel like I can relax a little.  

It seems that unfortunately, I missed the ball on HowSweetItis to enter her giveaway for a food processor, but I loved her entry idea: share a holiday memory.  I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot, as I always do at this time of year, and I wrote a guest blog for MizFit for National Diabetes Month about him, so he’s been on my mind.  

My best holiday memory is simple:  One year, my mom had surgery right before Christmas and was laid up for weeks.  We were staying at my grandmother’s house so that she could take care of my mom and my dad was staying alone at our house.  It was right before Christmas and my brother and I were perturbed to hear from my grandmother that there would be no Christmas tree that year because my mom was too fragile to go and get one and she and my grandfather were too busy.  I guess my brother and I were supposed to understand that in the grand scheme, it wasn’t that important, but we were young and devastated at the prospect of no tree.  

My dad was a non-practicing Jew, who hated Christmas trees and every year without fail would let out a torrent of expletives during each step involved in getting the tree into our living room.  From tying it to the top of the car, to the inevitable scraping on the ceiling as he tried to get it situated in the stand, to the needles that left a trial EVERYWHERE- he swore.  A lot.  We knew his track record and were hopeless.  It seemed there would be no tree that year.  

About a week before Christmas, we came home one night, walked in, and there it was.  A big, beautiful tree, strung with lights, smelling fantastic, with our boxes of ornaments all set up to decorate.  It seemed like magic.  It was magic.  I’ve never forgotten it.  I told this story when I gave my dad’s eulogy because of all the painful memories I have of him towards the end, this is one of those memories that makes you forget for a little.  

Last night’s dinner was fantastic, which is what happens when you plan ahead, I guess!  I made a ton of wild rice for my stifr fry the night before and I set aside a little in a container with some lemon juice and greek spices to let it marinate.  Then I threw this together:


One of those concoctions that just works out even though you weren't sure as you tossed more and more ingredients in...

This is lemon scented wild rice salad with lentils and shrimp.  I would definitely make this again.  It’s a great recipe to throw together if you’ve got extra rice.  

For dessert and a movie snack, I had an old standby- POPCORN! I change up my seasonings all the time, but this batch had olive oil, basil, chives, old bay, salt, garlic powder, and onion powder.  Holy cow- it was great!


I had an epiphany this morning.  For the last two years, I have considered bread the enemy.  I love bread- give me a bread basket and i’m a woman possessed.  I can’t say what exactly has changed, but I feel so much more in control of what I eat- and good bread really can be just another part of a healthy diet.  This is what I had for breakfast:

IMG_0976Fiber one english muffin with organic peanut butter and banana.  Possibly the best combination EVER.  Great way to start the day!

Well, i’m off to make fresh whole wheat sweet potato gnocchi.  I have high hopes that as an Italian I am predisposed to good gnocchi making.  Riiiight.  We’ll just have to wait and see!


About annenglish

I often think my the right side of my brain dominates- I live to create things. Color is one of the things that brings me great joy and in everything that I do, it is a theme that takes on great aesthetic importance. I am a jewelry designer, metal artist and writer (wanna-be.) During the day I work in an office, and while I like it, I spend my days dreaming about the next thing I want to make. As a result, I am the post-it queen- design ideas are always strewn about my desk, waiting for me to gather them up and take them home at the end of the day. Oh, yeah. I'm also a tremendous slob, which is unfortunate because I love to cook and washing dirty dishes is my least favorite chore to tackle. I'm a healthy food enthusiast and amateur chef. Cooking is a tremendous creative outlet for me- experimentation is my hallmark...whether it's surprising color combinations or flavor combinations.
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  1. Hey! Thanks for linking me! 🙂 That is a wonderful story you shared. I have so many to share. I need like 20 blog posts for, I can’t pick a favorite!

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