Happiness is…(fill in the blank).

First order of business: pretty, pretty please don’t forget to check out my Baby Steps to Body Love Challenge! I’ve posted my new challenge for the week and I think it’s a pretty good one! Let me know if you’re taking your own baby steps.

I came across this picture from a cruise I went on today. It that doesn’t have much to do with food other than an obscure reference to Carvel’s Fudgie the Whale, but it made me laugh! Yeah. I accidentally gave myself a “Fudgie the Whale” sunburn tattoo when haphazardly applying a stick of sunblock. That’s a mistake you don’t make twice. No one wants to limbo to the sounds of a “Go, Fudgie!” chant. Oy.

jenny's junk 210

Yeah. It's not even just the whale. I'm the definition of mottled!

I hope that made you chuckle. Because let’s talk about something a little more serious now. Yesterday was All Souls Day and I went to a service at my work (I work at a College and one of the student spiritual organizations sponsored the event) to light a candle for my dad. I’ve been really stressed out lately and I think i’m having some sort of quarter-life crisis- all I could think was, “What would dad want for me? What would he say to do?” And the answer? It’s really simple- he’d want me to be happy. That’s it. But it’s not that simple, is it? What makes me happy? What decisions do I make today that affect my happiness tomorrow? This is what I struggle to figure out. I have no answers. All I can do is take baby steps! Little bitty baby steps and try to muddle my way through as best I can.

On that note, I came across something yesterday- info from a book called “Eat Your Way to Happiness.” It was actually an excerpt – I don’t know if i’d buy the book since my definition of eating my way to happiness would be a long slow trip through the Rockland bakery. This concept frightens me a bit, although I’m sure it’s a great book! I just like to think there are other ways to make myself happy.

Anyway, the excerpt that I read suggests that eating food with certain nutrients can help fight stress and depression. Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits are touted for their vitamin C, Nuts for vitamin E, arginine (an amino acid), and magnesium; leafy greens for folic acid; Salmon for Omega three fatty acid; and dried cherries for potaassium, magnesium and vitamin C. I thought that was interesting- a lot of these things are already a part of my diet. What I need is a magic pill. Anyone? 😉 Ok, ok. I know- no such thing.

Today’s post doesn’t really have much to do with food, except to say that I will be posting a few recipes with pictures tomorrow! As it is, I don’t have the internet at my apartment, so I post either on my lunch break at work or I post after work. It’s a bit tough. I’m working to rectify the situation, though!

I have much to report- particularly about my new favorite things that I got at the Boston Vegetarian food festival (which the lovely Fitarella also attended!). I’ll be posting about those, as well. How I love thee, goldenberries! And holy wow- The Vegetarian Express makes an AWESOME Greek spice blend. More to come!

I’m off to metalsmithing class, then home for a hot shower, heating pad and glorious SLEEP!


About annenglish

I often think my the right side of my brain dominates- I live to create things. Color is one of the things that brings me great joy and in everything that I do, it is a theme that takes on great aesthetic importance. I am a jewelry designer, metal artist and writer (wanna-be.) During the day I work in an office, and while I like it, I spend my days dreaming about the next thing I want to make. As a result, I am the post-it queen- design ideas are always strewn about my desk, waiting for me to gather them up and take them home at the end of the day. Oh, yeah. I'm also a tremendous slob, which is unfortunate because I love to cook and washing dirty dishes is my least favorite chore to tackle. I'm a healthy food enthusiast and amateur chef. Cooking is a tremendous creative outlet for me- experimentation is my hallmark...whether it's surprising color combinations or flavor combinations.
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One Response to Happiness is…(fill in the blank).

  1. jenny…
    this is the first picture of you i’ve seen. Uh…hello, you are BEAUTIFUL, sun burn and all. You’re crazy not to see it. Look in the mirror right now…you are beautiful!! thanks for sharing the picture! now i can put a beautiful face with your name!! xoxox

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