For shame.

Things I should be ashamed of, but am not:

  1. I have seen High School Musical.  One and two.  Without a child present.
  2. I find the car wash absolutely thrilling
  3. I occasionally need to hold up my fingers in an “L” shape to tell right from left
  4. My favorite Christmas movie is not “It’s a Wonderful life” or “Rudolph” or any of those timeless classics…it’s “Jingle all the Way” with the lovely Arnold Schwarzeneggar in the lead role.  If that doesn’t say Christmas, I don’t know what does.
  5. I went to an Air Supply concert with my mom.  And loved it.
  6. I cried at the U2 concert because I couldn’t believe I was sharing space with Bono and the Edge.
  7. When I was a freshman in college, I was so obsessed with the All American Rejects that I only listened to their debut CD.  Every single day.  On repeat. 
  8. I LOVE the Golden Girls.  I have seasons 1-8 and when I’m feeling a little blue, I pop it into the DVD player and watch my favorite episodes. 
  9. If I happen to stumble across an episode of “Arthur” on PBS, I will sometimes watch it.
  10.  I have a box of “Sweet Valley High” hidden in the deepest recesses of my closet.  I haven’t taken this box out in years, but I like knowing it’s there- just in case I feel like a little nostalgic reading.

Things I should be ashamed of and am:

1.  I did not manage to eat breakfast this morning.  BAD.  

Lunch today was quite tasty, but definitely not that photogenic.  Creamy spinach with pancetta tastes yummy, but it is slightly vomit inducing aesthetically speaking.  It was leftovers day: I also had some ham.  Odd lunch, I know.  I have metalsmithing class today after work and I won’t get home until about 10:30, so I still have to figure out what to pack/eat.  I think that the next couple of weeks will be about trying to juggle an incredibly busy schedule with my eating habits, which, as of late, have been pretty poor in terms of how frequently I eat- Not very.  This is why I MUST eat breakfast!   If anyone has some suggestions for protein packed grab-n-go dinners, I’m all ears…er…eyes?

And in other news, I am wearing four inch heels for the first time in a while and have not fallen on my face!  Sweet victory!


About annenglish

I often think my the right side of my brain dominates- I live to create things. Color is one of the things that brings me great joy and in everything that I do, it is a theme that takes on great aesthetic importance. I am a jewelry designer, metal artist and writer (wanna-be.) During the day I work in an office, and while I like it, I spend my days dreaming about the next thing I want to make. As a result, I am the post-it queen- design ideas are always strewn about my desk, waiting for me to gather them up and take them home at the end of the day. Oh, yeah. I'm also a tremendous slob, which is unfortunate because I love to cook and washing dirty dishes is my least favorite chore to tackle. I'm a healthy food enthusiast and amateur chef. Cooking is a tremendous creative outlet for me- experimentation is my hallmark...whether it's surprising color combinations or flavor combinations.
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4 Responses to For shame.

  1. ha ha i loved this post! way to go on not being ashamed!! you are so cute!!

    • annenglish says:

      Thank you so much for the comment! Your blog is absolutely GORGEOUS! Once I have this blogging thing down, I’ll tackle my graphics, but for now i’ll just have to settle for coveting yours 😉

  2. jesstyler says:

    OMG, I totally do the left, right hand thing too! And, I’ve got the entire Nancy Drew collection and refuse to get rid of it. I’m pretty sure they’re not worth anything, but I haven’t read them all yet. 🙂

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